An intro to Fae Life

We share this living space in, on and around Mother Earth with other realms.  Like radio frequencies sharing the same air space, we are only one of a plethora of species here on earth. Fairies are another.  The Fae are earth angels, here to protect and nurture all aspects of Mother Earth.  Fae life is about working with the Fairies, taking responsibility for our personal impact on the earth, the environment and our own health.  And remembering that we aren’t the only ones here.

The Fairies are kind of pissed at us right now.

Just 100 years ago, a nano second in the span of humanity, we lived green and crunchy.  We didn’t think about it, we just did it.  It was our way of life.  We used and reused everything we could. There was very little waste.   We ate local, we ate organic.  Because that was what we had.

Then the industrial revolution came, and the automotive industry flourished. Convenience foods and household products began to fill grocery store shelves.  Grocery stores turned into super stores to hold the burgeoning product choices offered to us.

Factory farming birthed its horrible birth to meet our demands.  Sunday chicken became chicken for dinner whenever we wanted.  Ground beef became a mystery of a hundred contributers.  Fruits and vegetables became frankenfoods.

Monsanto, the overlord of all things ecologically unholy, looked around and said “This is good”

With all this *progress* Mother Earth suffers, and our health suffers.  As stewards of Mother Earth, we suck.

When we realized it had all gone terribley wrong and we needed to simplify our lifestyles and our food in order to regain our health and the health of our planet,  the same industries that contributed to our decline were only too happy to *help*.  Eating organic became trendy and expensive.  Living green and crunchy became a billion dollar industry almost over night.

So now we have the industries that distroy or health and our planet.  We have the industries that are pseudo green, disguised as organic, planet concious companies that are in fact subsidiaries of the parent companies that distroy our health and our planet.  And we have the true green and crunchy companies.

It’s our job to do our own research, read the labels, not fall for the hype.  Realize that new and improved is not better for us, it’s better for the company that wants you to buy the new and improved product.

Mother earth provides us with all we need.  If it’s derived from mother earth, use it and consume it.  If it comes from Monsanto, well, good luck.  Trust your gut, take back your power, raise the vibration of your body, your home, your planet.  I suggest you make friends with the Fairies.  Invite them into your home, your garden.  Let them teach you.  This blog is about my journey and relationship with the Fairies.  Thank you for letting me share this journey, and my many ramblings, with you.wp-1461975586466.png