Products I love


Products I love: Jason Powersmile toothpaste. Made with good stuff and crueltyfree – yes, it contains carageenan but the company is looking into alternatives and it is SOOOOOOO much better than most commercial toothpaste. Plus, you don’t ingest it.

I have environmental issues

I try to live a green and environmentally conscious life, but man, I love my foil, plastic wrap and baggies.

So, foil isn’t that bad, right?  It can be rinsed and reused.  It can even go in the dishwasher!  It can be recycled over and over.  Yay for foil!  By the way, my keyboard keeps anticipating “foul” rather than “foil”.  Perhaps my keyboard intuitively knows the truth.  Aluminum has a very heavy manufacturing footprint.  From mining the ore, to processing it, and recycling it.  Fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, human health impacts.  A veritable shitstorm for the environment and humanity.

Oh foil, how could you mislead me so?

So then just how bad are all my *convenience* plastics?  Well, as they are made from an energy-intensive resource, petroleum, and not biodegradable AT ALL, the answer in very.  Very bad. Recycling plasic is an extremely expensive process and also has a huge environmental impact.  Not to mention the health issues associated with chemicals leaching out of the plastic and into food and drink during storing, heating and putting plactic in the dishwasher. 

Heavy sigh.

So I come to this crossroads:  I can either say fuck Mother Earth and the environment that I leave for my grandchildren, or I can stop being lazy and careless and do my part.

Baby steps. 

Parchment paper for lining pans when nessessary, glass reusable storage containers.

I’m having a hard time letting go of my press n seal. 

It’s a process.


PSA – I have a new fav veggie burger:

Hilary’s Hemp & Greens Burger.  Light, crispy and herbaceous. Delicious!  I crisped it up in a pan with a little oil and had it with a little Hampton Creek Sriracha Just Mayo on the side.  And a big salad.  So good!  I didn’t think about taking a picture to post until it was too late.  I promise to remedy that when I eat the next one!

I don’t always want a fake-meat type of burger, and black bean burgers are great, but again, not always exactly what I want.  This was perfect! 

Eating kind is not always about slow cooking.  I had a long, hard, crazy day, so I wanted something delicious, fast and satisfying.  Idealy, real, whole, home prepared food is the way to go.  But let’s get real.  Sometimes it just  doesn’t happen.  A lot of the time it just doesn’t happen.  I love that this is real food, carefully prepared and frozen, waiting for me to create an express, yet nutritious and kind, meal after an exhausting day.  I will definitely be keeping this one on hand.

This Public Service Announcement it just my opinion and I was not paid by Hilary’s.  I’m just glad that I found them 😃


Cheese, you bastard!

Factory farming is a practice that is beyond cruel for the animals who are bred, raised and slaughtered in abusive slavery under horrific conditions.  It also creates appalling conditions for the workers at the facilities, and it is devastating for the environment.  I haven’t eaten meat in years and I have no desire to.

And then there is dairy.  Just as devistating for all involved, animals, earth, industry workers, consumers.  Dreadful for our health.  Loaded with all kinds of things that mess up our metabolism and cause allergies.  It is here that I become a hypocrite.  Because cheese is a seductive bastard!  Meat was so easy to give up.  I have never looked back and I have no desire or craving for it whatsoever.  Cow’s milk was easy to give up, too.  So many tasty nut and seed milk alternatives that I don’t miss it a bit.  But cheese, ah, cheese.  I have had such a hard time letting you go!  Like an abusive relationship that I know is bad for me.

Dietary science shows that dairy is actually physically addicting.  With good reason.  It causes the calves to keep coming back for more so they grow big, and strong and healthy.  Calves grow quickly and need to be fattened up in order to stay healthy and survive.  I am not a calf.  I most definitely do not need to be fattened up.  I have already done that!

It is high time that I practice what I preach and stop supporting this heinous industry.  I have already turned to grass fed organics for the little dairy that I still consume.  Butter, sour cream and good aged hard cheeses.  There are some reputable small companies out there.  But the point is, dairy is not only unnecessary, it is contributing to my less than healthy body.  I weigh more now than I did right before I delivered my twins.  And no matter how humanly and organically the dairy is produced, it still comes from forcing animals, against their will, to give birth, have their babies taken away, and have their milk stolen for purposes nature never intended.  There is no way to sugarcoat it.  It is barbaric.

The more I immerse myself in Fae life, the more I know I have to step away from my abusive relationship with dairy.  Fortunately, there are some great supportive groups.  And by supportive groups, I mean vegan dairy substitute companies that have created enough tasty products to get me through the initial tough breakup.  Let’s face it, most vegan cheese is gross.  And I have yet to find a decent sour cream substitute.  I try not to eat too many overly processed vegan foods, because vegan or not, processed is not great for the body.  I try to eat whole foods as much as possible.  But some days that just doesn’t happen.  For those days, and to add a little decadence to the whole foods that I eat every day, I turn to these support groups.  They help me not call dairy late at night after I’ve had a little wine.

Some of my favorite support groups:

Field Roast Chao cheese.  So good, cold or melted!
Hampton Creek Just Mayo. So good! Their new line of salad dressing hasn’t made it to my stores yet, but I have high hopes for these products.
Tofuti Herbs and Chives Better than Cream Cheese.  This is something I can’t eat great gobs of, and that’s ok.  A little bit spread on a lettuce wrap or tortilla along with some hummus and tons of veggies, delicious!
I am also looking forward to trying Miyoko’s vegan cheese and butter.  I hear great things about these products but they haven’t made it to my stores yet.

I would love to hear how you broke up with dairy and what products got you through the initial dairy-crave phase.  Comment here or find me on Twitter @Fae_Life

I will keep you all posted on how my break up goes.