PSA – I have a new fav veggie burger:

Hilary’s Hemp & Greens Burger.  Light, crispy and herbaceous. Delicious!  I crisped it up in a pan with a little oil and had it with a little Hampton Creek Sriracha Just Mayo on the side.  And a big salad.  So good!  I didn’t think about taking a picture to post until it was too late.  I promise to remedy that when I eat the next one!

I don’t always want a fake-meat type of burger, and black bean burgers are great, but again, not always exactly what I want.  This was perfect! 

Eating kind is not always about slow cooking.  I had a long, hard, crazy day, so I wanted something delicious, fast and satisfying.  Idealy, real, whole, home prepared food is the way to go.  But let’s get real.  Sometimes it just  doesn’t happen.  A lot of the time it just doesn’t happen.  I love that this is real food, carefully prepared and frozen, waiting for me to create an express, yet nutritious and kind, meal after an exhausting day.  I will definitely be keeping this one on hand.

This Public Service Announcement it just my opinion and I was not paid by Hilary’s.  I’m just glad that I found them 😃


One thought on “PSA – I have a new fav veggie burger:

  1. Yep! This is the BEST! I pop in in my pop up toaster about 3 times, and use butter lettuce as my bun. I mash avo, slice a tomato and chow down! I even posted a picture of my burger on Instagram @lovewhatswild, but also check me out on here at!


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