I have environmental issues

I try to live a green and environmentally conscious life, but man, I love my foil, plastic wrap and baggies.

So, foil isn’t that bad, right?  It can be rinsed and reused.  It can even go in the dishwasher!  It can be recycled over and over.  Yay for foil!  By the way, my keyboard keeps anticipating “foul” rather than “foil”.  Perhaps my keyboard intuitively knows the truth.  Aluminum has a very heavy manufacturing footprint.  From mining the ore, to processing it, and recycling it.  Fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, human health impacts.  A veritable shitstorm for the environment and humanity.

Oh foil, how could you mislead me so?

So then just how bad are all my *convenience* plastics?  Well, as they are made from an energy-intensive resource, petroleum, and not biodegradable AT ALL, the answer in very.  Very bad. Recycling plasic is an extremely expensive process and also has a huge environmental impact.  Not to mention the health issues associated with chemicals leaching out of the plastic and into food and drink during storing, heating and putting plactic in the dishwasher. 

Heavy sigh.

So I come to this crossroads:  I can either say fuck Mother Earth and the environment that I leave for my grandchildren, or I can stop being lazy and careless and do my part.

Baby steps. 

Parchment paper for lining pans when nessessary, glass reusable storage containers.

I’m having a hard time letting go of my press n seal. 

It’s a process.


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