I Intend To Eat WFPB, But Life Happens

I have been MIA on this blog since May.  I started a new job.  More correctly, I started a new position  at  my current  job.  I really like my new job, but it requires an overnight shift once a week.  This is kicking my ass more than I expected.  And I am learning  that when I am over tired I make really poor food choices.  Energy drinks, pizza, subs, fast food veggie burgers, potato chips, chocolate, ice cream.  Anything carb laden and convenient.  While fruits and veggies rot in my fridge, I listen to the false promises of sugar and simple carbs with my sleep deprived brain.  Definitely not WFPB.  Definitely not health and energy imbuing.  Poor food choices when I am exhausted leads to a vicious low energy cycle.  I am forever tired and constantly grabbing foods that are easy and fast, putting no thought at all into my choices.

On my *normal* days, I pack spring water, green powder packets, fruit and nuts.  Easy, convenient.  But once a week when I work through the night, and then the whole next day, I’m like a little kid with no supervision.

Food is medicine.  Food heals.  Food, the right foods, energizes.   I know this, and yet it has been so hard getting into the groove of planning my food strategy these past few weeks for those challenging work shifts. Creating my own convenience foods.  It’s not hard.  It just takes a little planning, and a little effort.  There is SOOOOOOO much help out there.  Books, Blogs, Tweets, Facebook pages.  So much information, help, and support free for the taking.  (My absolute favorite is Molly from Clean Food, Dirty Girl.  If you haven’t discovered her yet, find her!  Do it now!  She is funny, authentic and the best support system out there right now.)

I need to be more authentic with myself.  Care enough to take care of myself.  When I live a low energy life, I lose the connection with the Whole.  With Mother Earth, the Elementals, the Fairies.  Low energy habits are so easy to fall into.  I need to remember that self care isn’t selfish.  Being as energized as I can be energizes everything around me.  My environment,  my partner, my actions and my thoughts.  It is my responsibility to be responsible for my own energy, and how it affects the energy field around me.  Fresh start this week.  I will keep you posted.