Creativity is Overrated (at 7AM)

Eating kind at work just takes a little planning, and a slightly bigger lunchbox. 

There are so many convenience foods these days it’s amazing!  You can get already made salad, containers of cut up fruit,  individual serving size cups of guacamole and hummus, 100 calorie packs of nuts, snack packs of carrots, individually wrapped prunes, frozen vegan entrees, the list goes on and on.  I love these things.  They make my life so much easier.  But these convenience foods make mother earth pay a heavy price.  Because convenience leads to gross over-packaging.  

The carbon footprint of a vegetarian diet is about half that of a carnivore diet.  But over-packaging, even if it’s vegan, adds substantially to landfills and contributes to green-house gases and pollution.

The best, easiest convenience foods are nuts and whole fruits. But sometimes I just want convenient comfort foods. Something to grab and go.  GF vegan burritos, individual hummus pack and a snack bag of chips or carrots.  A nice salad that someone else made for me.  Did you know that Amy’s makes a frozen gluten free mac & cheeze?

I’m far from perfect.  I still grab those things some days.  But for the most part, I try to have my shit together in the mornings and put a lunch together to bring to work.  Resuable cups filled with stuff I make or buy in bulk. 

For me, sticking with a similar breakfast and lunch throughout the week, then shaking thing up a bit for dinner when I get home, seems to work best.  I just don’t have the creativity or time in the mornings to come up with something exciting and new to pack. Monotony and consistency help me eat well and take care of Mother Earth.

Here is what breakfast and lunch has been this week:

Breakfast:  2 bananas.

Lunch: a simple salad of greens and sprouts with a sprinkle of dulse flakes, raw pepitas or hulled hemp seeds and homemade cashew ranch dressing.

Afternoon pick-me-up:  A teaspoon of matcha powder and a heaping tablespoon of vegan vanilla protein powder with chia seeds added to my Blender Bottle of coconut milk and shaken well.

Dinner: NOW I can get creative, if I want to.

That’s it.  Simple, boring, tasty, nutritious. One container for the greens and sprouts, a tiny one for the protein powder, another tiny one for the dulse and pepitas or hemp seeds, and one more for the dressing.  Add 2 bananas and my Blender Bottle filled a little more than half way with coconut milk.  Done and out the door.  Most of the time I have the bananas and dried ingredients packed up the night before.

Next week may see a different menu, but I try to keep it simple and consistent.  Mono-fruit for breakfast, something veggie forward for lunch, something light and simple  mid-afternoon, anything goes for dinner.

This doesn’t work for everyone.  You might want more variety in your breakfast and lunch.  To you I say, you have my admiration.  Pinterest is filled with awesome ideas.  Blogs I follow are overflowing with inspiration.  I love being creative and trying new recipes.  But not at 7AM.  For me, sticking with a kind diet means leaving creativity until later.