​Fat, Dumb and Manipulated

There has been a lot of talk the past couple months/years of the *dumbing down* of America through fake news, social media and the educational system.  But It’s even deeper and darker than that.  We are being made fat and stupid on a fundamental level, and on purpose.  Our health and well being are being compromised for profit. This is a well planned agenda by big pharma and big business.  And if you don’t believe this is true, just take a look around. 

We are unable to concentrate.  We live on coffee and energy drinks.  Most people are in some form of constant, distracting pain. OTC pain meds take up an entire aisle at the drug store.  We can not catch our breath.  We can not oxygenate our brains and our bodies in order to think for ourselves.  The majority of us are over weight.  Our blood does not flow as freely through our veins as it did a couple of decades ago.  And this is just scratching the surface.

We are being bamboozled into thinking we are being given what we want.

This slapped me in the face hard yesterday when we decided to give cable TV another try.

Holy commercial hell, Batman!!!!

People, just because there is *less* sugar and artificial color in your kid’s cereal doesn’t mean It’s healthy.  It is not *spreading the good* in your kid’s body.  *Whatever froots your loop* should not include ingesting neon colored, highly processed food stuff.

The Greek yogurt you are eating might say It’s organic or all natural, but that doesn’t make it healthy.  *Undeniably dairy* is undeniably bad for your bones.  Do the research!

And that new naked breakfast taco from Taco Bell that has a fried egg instead of a taco shell that is stuffed with meat, potatoes and cheese is not a healthy breakfast alternative!

There is a systematic physical and mental dumbing down of Americans in play.  Keeping us fat and unhealthy is profitable.  It should be so obvious, but we can not see the forest for the trees, so to speak.  We, as a consumer group, need to start making our own decisions.  Get rid of the sheeple  mentality that big business counts on.

Whole food, plant based,  is better for your body and the body of Mother Gaia.

We each need to do our part, one little step at a time. One decision at a time.  We need to stop letting them tell us what they think is good for us, and start deciding for ourselves.  We need to take back our power as consumers by deciding for ourselves what to buy, and in so doing, dictate  the market  in an intelligent manner.

Don’t take my word for any of this.  Do your own research. Read the articles.  Follow the activists and conscientious industry leaders on social media. Watch the documentaries.  We are not being educated by mass media.  We are being manipulated and brain washed for the profit of big business, big pharma, big food.

None of these big business have your best interest at heart.  They only care about marketing to you any way they can.

And the advertisers they employ do not care about your health.  They care about their bottom line and the bottom line of the companies that hire them.

Do I always choose fresh, whole, plant based foods?  No.  There are long days that lead me to the frozen food section where I buy a vegan, gluten free, organic something.  But I choose my brands carefully and I read the ingredient list.

Respect your body, respect your home planet.  Be aware of the true cost to your body and your planet when you sheeple shop.

Peace, love, plants and conscientious consumerism,  my friends.

One thought on “​Fat, Dumb and Manipulated

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