Happy New Year, Don’t be a D*#k


2018 is here.  And so are all New Year resolutions that we will feel bad about breaking within the first week or two of the new year.
My plan, my goal, my resolution, is simply to do better.  Yes, 100 percent vegan and environmentally conscious is the optimum goal, but we are human and life happens.  I am challenging myself in this new year to eat more whole food and less processed crap, but if I eat some crap, then just get on with eating whole foods at my next meal. To cut out the little bit of dairy that I consume occasionally, but be kind to myself if I do eat dairy.  To be less sedentary and actually stick with a short daily yoga practice, but not berate myself if I skip occasionally.  To practice more environmental consciousness in my consumerism by buying less overly packaged foods, stop using aluminum foil, remember my green bags and cut out plastic shopping bags, but forgive myself when I forget to put the green bags back into my car.
The overwhelm of the totality of being environmental conscious and vegan can lead people to quit before they truly begin.  My advice is don’t strive for perfect, strive for one step at a time, one action at a time.  Simple.  Take the best action you can in the moment.  And if you take an action that you aren’t proud of, learn from it and move on.  Let the next action you take be in line with who you want to be.  It’s a process.  Allow it to be a process.  Allow yourself to learn as you go along.  Live it how you need to live it.  And don’t let anyone judge you or your process.
I am not the expert.  There are plenty of experts out there who really know their shit.  Find them.  Follow them.  I am the person who is also on the journey, who is telling you it’s ok if you aren’t at 100 percent yet.
You do you to the best of your ability.  And just try to be less of a dick to yourself, your fellow human beings, the animals and the planet as you go along your life journey in this new year .  One step at a time, one meal at a time, one action at a time.  Our fellow humans, the animal and plant kingdoms, and our planet depend on more of us giving a crap and making an effort.  If we mess up, but get right back to it with our next action, we are still aiding the healing of our plant.  The important part is to try, to make an effort, to start.
Happy New Year!  Here’s to a new year of being kind and giving a crap!

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