Musings on The Game of *Kind*

If we go with the premise that we live in a holographic universe, and that we are projections from our higher self, then that means that we are, in fact, avatars in a game being played by our higher selves.  What I need to find out to succeed in life then, is where are the cheats?  What rock is the magic wand hidden behind?  Where is the hidden entrance to the secret passageway?   What do I have to smash to find the extra coins?  How do I level up?  I am playing the game called “me” and I have a need to level up.  This level isn’t working for me.  I want more.  More exciting adventures,  better garments, better magic, more coins.
To take this even further:  If our thoughts and emotions, our intentions, are the controller,  then what am I creating within the game when I focus on negative outcomes?  What epic monster battles am I creating with my thoughts?  What am I doing to my holographic world with my thought-less actions?  Or even worse, what if I am playing the game with no intent at all, and the game is just playing me while I am oblivious to why things are happening *to me* and to my *world*?   What if I am continually walking past the hidden door to the “more” I am searching for, and my Higher Self keeps smacking it’s forehead because I am not living up to my Avatar potential and I keep missing the clues?
More and more scientific evidence is being disclosed and discussed verifying that this is not a far fetched idea. Click the following link to watch “The Matrix is Real”, a 6 minute overview of what one of the top minds in the field thinks about this subject. And this “Evidence We are in a Simulation“.   And then think about what this means to us individually and collectively.  Our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions impact our environment in significant ways.  We are creating this game in a very real way.  Everything is energy.  Energy creates.  We control the creative energy, the game, with our thoughts, emotions, intentions.  This is not a New Age *woo woo* concept.  This is scientific fact.
If we play the game with the energy of *kind*, and consider all of the other players, all animal life, all plant life, all of humankind, all of the beings in the subtle realms that we share this space with, and Mother Gaia herself, then we can begin to see the real power of the game.  We begin to see the far reaching effects that we need to consider in our daily lives, our daily game playing, and how we create in the game.  What if playing the game without the energy of “kind” is what is keeping us from leveling up?  What if we start seeing the potential creative power that we hold within?  What if we start to consciously play the game of “us” with the energy of “kind”?  How will the game change?  How will our avatars change?  How will the world look when we get our shit together and finally  level up?

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