Manipulate the Crap out of The Matrix


Tom Campbell from My Big Toe:

“That a million smart people say “yes” is not a good reason for you to say “yes” if you do not have the experience and understanding to support it. Determining truth is not a democratic process ruled by the majority. It is also not something that someone else can do for you. Do not let these smart people sway you to agree with them simply because they are smart.”


“The evidence, as well as the key to understanding, lies within your own experience – and nowhere else.”

Scientific fact: We are all connected.  Everything is energy and there is no real separation in energy.  Energy can not be destroyed, but it can be changed.

My focus since the beginning of the year has been on energy and the interconnectedness of everything in my daily life.  In acknowledging the interconnectedness of everything, and how this impacts my personal part in creation energy, I am becoming more and more aware of the multitudes of energy pollutants I am surrounded by.  And how many I am creating myself.  The non-generative energy of distractions such as anger, hatred, blame, the *not enough* and the *not good enough* mentalities, the *lack and limitation* mentality that permeate every day life and living, are polluting my natural energy field.  And I have become so used to it that I don’t realize it or recognize it is happening most of the time.

Fostering the energy of fae includes awareness,  kindness, non-judgment (still working on that!) and focusing on what I want, not on what I don’t want.  Not in a *The Secret* kind of way, but in an actual “this is where I am choosing to put my energy and focus” kind of way.  Energy and focus that will direct action and creation.  If I continue to give my time and energy to distractors, to complaining, being angry about money or circumstances, disappointment in my body shape, I lose precious energy that could instead be used to create something new.  Something that I actually choose to create.  I am trying to remember to acknowledge and honor where I am, and my present circumstances, without dwelling on them. It’s a fine line. I am more aware of the energy of my story telling these days,  and what that is creating in my life.

Food is another huge part of our energetic signature.  What we ingest becomes part of our energy.  Kind, compassionate plant based energy vs. the energy of slaughter, torture and decay from a carnivorous way of eating creates completely different energetic signatures within our bodies.

5d energy is infusing our planet and our bodies.    I have not been able to tolerate meat for a long time now.  And more recently the little bit of dairy and egg that I occasionally consume is not sitting well with my body.  As a collective, our body vibration is being raised.  We are seeing more and more people turning to vegetarian and vegan ways of eating.  This is not a coincidence.  This is by design.  5D energy is permeating and rewriting our energy signature on a cellular level.  Our bodies and the body of Mother Gaia depend on a more sustainable way of eating being adopted by the masses.

We are also allowing the pollution of our bodies, environment and home planet with the energies of deception, anger, hatred, depression and the *sheeple* mentality that our current advertising and media outlets have encouraged and perpetuated.  We can change this immediately with our attitude, awareness and intent.  We can begin the healing process in one breath, one thought, one intention.  It is a choice.

My world includes the knowledge that we are not alone, that we share this world and this universe with others.  Fae Life is about respecting ourselves, each other, our planet, and all of the other realms that we might not be able to see, but are none the less very much a part of this world.  I feel that it is our responsibility to be stewards of our own energy for the sake of ourselves, humanity, the others that share this Universe and Mother Gaia. If your knowledge or belief system does not include this concept, that’s fine.  But it doesn’t mean that they are not here.

Distractors of legacy take our energy as well,depleting it, twisting it, and dispersing it in ways we don’t intend.  The past creeps in, takes over our thoughts, and like an energy vampire, takes energy away from us.  Intention plays a huge role in maintaining our higher vibrational energy and focus.  It is so easy to get distracted by the past, outside circumstances and past experiences.  Honor them for the learning tools that they are, but remember, thought, intention and focus are creating our lives.  The outpicturing that we experience as our present and near future is a direct result of our energy, focus and intention.  Are we creating what we truly want, or are we dwelling on past misfortune, past mistakes, past losses, and dooming ourselves to repeat those experiences because that is where we are placing our energy and focus?  I feel this happening in my own life, and I am choosing to create something different.

There are so many moving parts to our vibrational energy and our awareness.  I try to not let myself get overwhelmed by it all. I just try to be conscious of what I really desire, focus on that, honor and release the rest.  That isn’t always easy.

Energy can not be destroyed, but it can be changed with thought, focus and intention.  My focus right now in these volatile, changing, high frequency embodiment experiences we are living through, is to manipulate the crap out of the matrix with my thoughts and intentions, and create something magical for myself, my family, my tribe and Mother Gaia, with kindness, love and joy.  I will keep you updated on my progress.  And as always, stay crunchy my friends.

Cheat Days When You are Vegan and Gluten Free: The Adventure Continues

Being kind should first and foremost include being kind to yourself. Sometimes a kick in the pants has to happen in order to be reminded of that. I renewed my vow to myself as a New Year goal to eat WFPB, cut out the last bit of dairy from my diet, and eliminate overly processed junk foods. I was doing well until: A) Super Bowl and B) an all day work event on Wednesday that culminated in a cocktail reception with an abundance of tasty treats.


First of all, let’s talk about Super Bowl. I made a delicious vegan caramelized onion dip and a fresh, awesome (also vegan) chickpea salad spread. I brought potato chips and Simple Mills almond flour crackers. Guys, if you haven’t tried these yet do yourself a favor and pick up a box! I love these crackers. They taste like a *normal* cracker, but without the simple carbs that most gluten free crackers are made with. Vegan, gluten free and a very satisfying crunch.


I always make sure to bring something with to an event like that so I have something delicious and don’t feel deprived or left out. I was all set. Then I had a glass of wine. There was a veggie tray with definitely NOT vegan ranch dip. I had a *little* of the dip and lots of the veggies. I ate my vegan dips and spreads with some potato chips and the cracker I brought. I had another glass of wine. Then I hit up the queso dip and taco dip. Not a lot, but some of each. Both, again, defiantly not vegan.


I had a hard time sleeping that night. My digestive system was not at all happy with my little *cheat day*. I told myself I would not do THAT again!


Then I got to the cocktail reception after our long day on Wednesday. Again there was wine. And there was a really awesome veggie tray with hummus. Score! I had my wine, I had my veggies and hummus, and then I spotted the mac and cheese bar. Wheat based pasta, dairy based cheese sauce, loads of ad-ins. I had a *little* with lots of veggie ad ins. (are you seeing a pattern here?) More wine, and then I decided what the hell, I’m going in for the avocado spring rolls. Deep fried glutinous deliciousness. And there was lemon curd cake. Again, just a little.


Let’s just say, it was NOT a good night. I had indigestion, heart burn and nausea all night. I woke up covered in hives. If *cheat days* are supposed to be a treat, this was the exact opposite of that. This was not a kindness to my body. And disassociated eating, not acknowledging where the ingredients are coming from, does not negate the cruelty that occurs from making them.


Eating kind, vegan and gluten free has been an adventure. It is an ongoing learning process. I don’t beat myself up about these two incidents, because they were great learning experiences that confirmed that not only is a vegan lifestyle vital for the health of the planet and the kind stewardship of the animals, it is a true kindness to my body as well. Not in a philosophical *love and kindness* way, but in a physically acknowledged way.